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Ellen Adarna Has Found Her “One True Love”


So we hear that Kapamilya star Ellen Adarna has found a new love! Hmm, does this love go by the initials of JLC??? Well no one (apart from Ellen and JLC) can give a definite answer to that at the moment, but I do know that she has truly fallen in love with her current “idea white” glow. Can this be the reason why most guys we can only dream of, like say the handsome JLC, are completely under Ellen’s spell? Then all of us girls should have ideally white skin, too! And what does having “ideal” white skin mean again???

Let’s set things straight here. White skin, alone, is certainly not enough to be considered desirable. For skin to be perceived as lovable, irresistible (or “nakakagigil” for those who speak tagalog) and at its “ideal” white, it should also be the following:

  • Soft and Supple

Skin that is nice to touch and caress can easily be achieved with sufficient water intake and a hydrating skin moisturizer.

  • Well Nourished

For smooth, wrinkle-free and healthy looking skin, make sure to catch enough of those zzzzzzzzzs and choose a hydrating moisturizer that is vitamin enriched, too!

  • Luminous

Possess a beautifully radiant glow that will sure make heads turn.

  • Well balanced (even complexion from head-to-toe)

Imagine having a fair complexion on your face, but not on your arms? Awwwww so cute on a Panda Bear! But will you be happy to have this same look???

Now how do you feel about dark and rough knees or elbows? (which brings us to #5)

  • Well exfoliated

Free from dead skin cells which make skin appear dark, dry and dull.

  • Spotless

Free from scars and skin discoloration.

  • Easy to maintain

Maintaining fair and flawless complexion shouldn’t stop you from going under the sun. It ALSO shouldn’t involve too many steps which will eventually make your routine difficult to sustain.

Now it may seem unfair that the beautiful and ravishing Ellen Adarna enjoys all of the advantages listed above. Though, despite what we think, it’s not pure luck or only her good genes that allow her all of these. I discovered that Ellen became happiest with her skin ever since she met Instabright Instant Whitening Body Crème. At first it was quite a shock to me that Ellen, of all, who has obviously been fair since conception would find use in a whitening lotion. Apparently, Ellen completely fell in love with this product because it resolved discoloration on her legs among other things. Yes, she was already happy with her skin (which impressed all of us ever since) in the past but was pleasantly shocked to see that her skin got even better with this Instabright.

So like any curious individual who only hopes to steal as many hearts as Ellen, I scrambled to the Products Section of the FRONTROW Quezon City office (where Instabright is available for P1,888) upon hearing this hopeful news. I have been enjoying clear and fair skin for some time now due to FRONTROW’s pioneering whitening supplement, LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what more this Instabright can offer me and my friends. After all the road to drop dead gorgeous looks is endless, right? (wink)

Beyond its fancy packaging (and may I add “airless” pump bottle), I discovered that Instabright is a nifty ultra-hydrating body crème enriched with skin nutrients such as our skin’s best friend – Glutathione. It basically provides your skin everything it will need to reach its “ideal” and loveliest white and addresses common problems like discoloration as well as uneven skin tone, driving unsightly dark knees and elbows completely out of the way.

LUXXE Reveal Instabright Body Crème by FRONTROW.


One-Arm Challenge Photos showing the results of Instabright Body Crème.


Several uses of this product, that is 100% manufactured in Korea, confirmed that it is perfect for our humid climate. Each application leaves me with a light and silky feel throughout the day. Although I personally prefer the appearance of the product on my skin after it sits in for a while, but that’s just me.

Living in an “instant generation” where everyone is in a hurry, Instabright certainly conforms with today’s standards. Not only does this luxurious body crème allow me to reveal whiter and brighter skin in an instant, it also spares me from applying several products since it has built-in sun protection (SPF 25) and micro-exfoliants that rid me of dead skin cells (dull and dry skin). What excites me, as well, about this Instabright is how my skin looks naturally lighter after each use. With its promise of bringing out one’s whitest white, I wonder how divine I’ll look for the Holidays! I’m really really amazed!!!

With all the benefits that Instabright has to offer it is actually no surprise that this uniquely futuristic body crème was hailed as the “Most Luxurious Skin Whitening Product” (by Asia-Pacific Excellence this 2017) in less than two months after it was unveiled to the market. Thankfully, we now have FRONTROW’s Instabright and LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione to turn to for our skin misfortunes. Indeed, these two breakthrough products are the perfect combination. With Instabright as part of your regimen, you can now have fun under the sun while maintaining fair and youthful skin.

For more info on this hot whitening and skin nourishing product you may visit where you can also find the FRONTROW store nearest you. After all you might just find love with skin you can proudly flaunt – Ellen Adarna did!




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The Belles Of The 2017 Star Magic Ball

So this year we have witnessed the Academy Awards, the MET ball and now we can finally talk about our very own Star Magic Ball. Come to think, if it is during these award shows and galas that Hollywood actors and actresses prepare their best ensembles, here in the Philippines we watch out for their weddings, debuts and ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Ball! No one, or at least no woman, would attend this ball wearing something they simply dug out of their treasure chest – which, I’m sorry to say, is now often the case for celebs who attend the FAMAS awards.

With this year being extra special, as it is a milestone year for Star Magic who is celebrating its 25th, I decided to join in the fun and feast my eyes with the latest red-carpet designs. I was truly impressed with the gowns that topped the best dressed charts for this grandest and most awaited “celebrity” event of the year. And, in order of appearance, here are my top three favorites (oh, and I admit that I don’t have an eye for male apparel so I will not even try to be a judge of that):

Rich Girl’s #1

Photo Credit: Mixi Ignacio via


Photo Credit: Mixi Ignacio via

Chinita Princess Kim Chiu awakens our undying fairy tale fantasies in her haute and naughty Michael Leyva blush ball-gown.

Rich Girl’s #2

Both fresh and sophisticated, Erich Gonzales’ shimmering evening gown by Jun Escario immediately made me jump and scream: ooh-la-looooove! And I have to say that the ostrich feathers towards the hem of the gown made me fall even harder for Erich’s stunning look that evening.

Rich Girl’s #3

Nothing gets edgier than this, not-so-little, black Michael Cinco piece donned by the sizzling Maja Salvador.

Although still a stunner, I’d say that one of my favorite Star Magic sweethearts – Liza Soberano – played it a tad bit simpler this year with her black Christian Dior bustier gown, as opposed to last year’s chart topping Michael Cinco showstopper. I also have to add that it would have been very difficult for me to choose between (my third pick) Maja Salvador a.k.a “Ivy Aguas” and the very promising Sue Ramirez if only the black Francis Libiran creation, worn by the latter, didn’t so obviously reveal the thin pads covering her chest area. Well Sue, I love you but I love you even more for sparing me from the headache of having to choose harder (don’t get me wrong, you absolutely rocked the outfit and, besides, you’re already a winner with BoybandPH Joao… wink wink).

Photo Credit: Liza Soberano Instagram (lizasoberano)









Photo Credit: Sue Ramirez Instagram (sueannadoodles)

Now there’s just one question that stayed in my mind after viewing ABS-CBN’s live red-carpet coverage last Saturday – Beyond the glamorous ball outfits, I wonder how much fun the stars really had for this 25th Star Magic Ball? Hmmmmm…

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Heroic KFC Rider Spreads Goodness And Saves The Day

KFC Rider escorts tricycle with indisposed passenger to hospital.
Photo Credit:

Heroic KFC Rider – Donny Ray Cruz.
Photo Credit: Kicker Daily


Despite all the bad there is still definitely some good in this World. I somehow felt like I saw a rainbow (although the Marawi “storm” hasn’t, at all, ended) when I came across the viral news about a KFC rider leading the way for a tricycle that was obviously transporting an indisposed passenger to the hospital.

For those who are not yet aware, this incident was brought to social media by a motorist who also noticed the struggling tricycle, which other vehicles failed to notice because of its faint honk. This motorist – Mr. Manuel Santos, a hospital radiographer, attempted to lead the tricycle only to discover that a KFC rider was already singlehandedly leading the tricycle with his motorcycle. The sympathetic Mr. Santos decided to join efforts with the heroic rider, thereon, so that they would be more visible to other motorists. And the beauty of it all is that more vehicles joined to help pave the way for the tricycle and its suffering passenger as soon as the whole situation became clear. See how good deeds can also be contagious?!!!


The first ever #KFCFilipinoColonel, actor Ronaldo Valdez.
Photo Credit: Coconuts Media

Now all efforts led to success as the dynamic duo, Mr. Santos and the KFC rider, was able to escort the tricycle exactly until the hospital entrance (other vehicles had to leave the convoy at some point). Although the motorist was not able to get the name of the KFC rider during the incident, as both immediately had to rush to their respective duties after helping out, Mr. Santos unmasked the identity of the rider- Donny Ray Cruz– through the KFC store manager who handled him when he worked at KFC in the past. Yes, what a coincidence both heroes have KFC roots! Hence, just like our first ever #KFCFilipinoColonel (portrayed by Colonel Sanders’ spitting image Ronaldo Valdez) would say: So help us gravy!

In an age where everyone is consumed with their own goals and concerns, where it would have been delivering that hot and yummy Kentucky Fried Chicken right on time for the KFC rider we speak of, it is rare for us to see someone stop what they are doing to lend a helping hand to others. This really makes me think if I would have done the same if I was running late for an appointment. EYE OPENER – We love to complain about all the bad and evil that goes on in this World but are we really doing our part?

What I am sure of is that I’m about to hit the buttons of my phone and dial 887-8888 for some hot and crispy Kentucky Fried Chicken. And perhaps I’ll cut the habit of guarding the delivery time. After all, my KFC rider might just be saving another life.

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Let’s Pray And Join Efforts To Help Marawi


Allow me to tell you that May 23 was just one of the worst days in my life (and perhaps in everyone else’s). Without much time to recover from the heartbreaking Manchester bombing, dreadful news on the Battle of Marawi had to come our way. All this in a span of one day! I swear I was still teary eyed about the lives lost in Manchester when I found out about the battle frightfully breaking out in one of our country’s provinces. It was just wayyyy too much for one day… really.

Now that the battle has dragged on, people of Marawi have lost their homes, properties and, even worse, loved ones. The best thing we can truly offer are our PRAYERS. But as a popular Filipino proverb goes, “nasa diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa” (God is merciful but it is up to the people to act)… so, along with our prayers, what else can we do to help our suffering countrymen? Sending cash donations will, of course, be extremely helpful. I’m very certain that donations in kind will also do a great deal of help. Though let us keep the following things in mind when donating in kind:

  • The victims of Marawi are mostly Muslim so food items sent must be HALAL. Pork goods are definitely not an option and HALAL items would be Corned Beef, Canned Fish, Rice, Crackers, Biscuits and Eggs. If you plan on sending noodles, be careful that these aren’t Pork flavor and choose Chicken and Beef flavor instead. Canned items with pop-tabs are highly preferred in case victims don’t have access to a can opener.
  • And, again, since most victims are Muslim, clothes donated should suit their modest way of dressing. Blankets and t-shirts will be useful and Muslim clothing like hijab and taqiyah are encouraged.
  • Since people at evacuation centers are not feeling their best and are prone to headaches, flu, infections and hypertension, sending medicine is also a top priority. Cough syrup and vitamins for children are also essential for the people of Marawi.
  • WATER is key to survival. The people of Marawi need an endless supply of purified drinking water.

*If you wish to course food, clothing and medicines to Marawi but don’t know how, you may do so through the DSWD National Resource Operations Center (NROC) along Chapel Road, Pasay City OR through the Philippine National Red Cross with headquarters at EDSA corner Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

  • The well being of Marawi children are crucial at this point. At a very tender age they were exposed to the ugly sight of war and terrorism. They must not only be traumatized physically but also psychologically. Sending toys and learning materials for these children will help tremendously.

*It is advisable to send donations for children’s learning and amusement through World Vision as they intend to build play areas to address the psychological care and recovery of children. Together with the Department of Education, World Vision is also putting together learning kits and learning spaces for these young victims. You may visit their website at or call (02) 372-77-77 for more information on how to help the children of Marawi.

Ariana Grande at One Love Manchester – A Tribute Concert for Manchester Bombing Victims
Photo Credit: Getty Images via Daily Express


Since life can be so drastic, let’s join forces and work toward making a drastic difference. Much respect to Ariana Grande for coming up with that awesome show for the victims of the Manchester bombing… Way to go, girl!!! I must say this girl with a golden voice, apparently, also has a golden heart. Now it’s our turn to do something for our countrymen. Together with our PRAYERS let’s extend our efforts to the people of Marawi.

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Look And Feel Young With These 7 Fruits That Grow During Summer

Now that summer is here one can’t help but think of ways to cool down from the escalating heat. We all know that even the air-con hasn’t been enough these days! So aside from getting to the beach (with Balesin currently on top of my wish list) I also look forward to the tasty and succulent fruits that ripen during this season. Not only do they satisfy my taste buds, but also allow me to feel refreshed.

Though, that’s not all. These low-calorie desserts I have been anticipating are (as we all know) very good for our health. As a matter of a fact, they are called “SUPERFOODS” that contain high levels of vitamins required by our bodies. They are potent anti-oxidants that protect our cells from damage and our bodies from disease.  Now let me share my most favorite “super” fruits with you… For all we know these may be exactly what your taste buds are looking for, too…


Vitamin C is what immediately comes to mind when I hear the name of this citrus fruit. There is no need to convince anyone, oranges are known to be one of the most reliable sources of vitamin C. They also contain calcium, potassium, vitamins A and B-complex as well as antioxidants. Furthermore, oranges reduce stress level, improve skin condition and vision, and prevent eye cancer. This high fiber fruit that perfectly goes with any food, and removes after taste from the greasiest main course, also reduces the risk of colon cancer. A quick trip to the supermarket will allow you to come across this refreshing favorite that I also love to drink in juice form!



Anti-oxidants in blackberries are as potent as their dark and vivid color. In fact, this fruit’s shade signifies its strength as an anti-oxidant. The tissue-tightening effects of blackberries make it a favorite among those trying to beat the aging process. This powerful berry also lowers the risk of cancer, keeps your brain alert, alleviates hemorrhoids and soothes diarrhea. Its Vitamin K content makes blackberries effective in helping blood clots and muscle pain. Ohhh… but where can I find these in the Philippines???




Your favorite berry in your pancake or cheesecake actually aids in reducing belly fat from all that extra rice and soda, helps digestion and eases constipation! Blueberries are also rich in manganese which elevates energy, and in Vitamin K, which helps build bones. That’s not all… your blueberries promote brain health, heart health, as well as fight diabetes and cancer.




One of the things I look forward to when I visit Baguio province! This yummy fruit always makes the long drive to the beautiful but far mountain area completely worth it. My absolute favorite, which I can eat on its own or with whipped cream, Strawberries are filled with Vitamins C, A, B and E. They are also high in fiber, manganese and essential flavinoids that serve as protection from cancer. I love how I can indulge in something that I find really really delicious while enjoying great health benefits. Ready for a Baguio trip, anyone?



Goji Berry

Bright as the sun, the red-orange goji berries are filled with vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and lycopene (known for increasing energy and metabolism). They are also used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, improve vision and nourish the liver and kidneys. Hmmm… now that’s one more hard to find fruit in this tropical country…



Acai Berry

I wish I can easily find this “secret” to staying youthful in my backyard. Packed with amino and fatty acids, as well as anti-oxidants, Acai berries improve digestion, sleep, and blood circulation. They also strengthen the immune system and heart, and ultimately allow you a more vibrant appearance.




Cooked with your Chicken Tinola or enjoyed ripe as breakfast or dessert, Papayas are known for treating ingestion and other gastrointestinal diseases. Excuse me for this reveal, but (for me) half of a small papaya ensures an immediate trip to the toilet a few minutes after. I find this amazingly effective for cleansing my system from a previous night’s heavy dinner and flattening a bloated stomach.  Packed with vitamins A, C, folate and various phytochemicals, Papayas are anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous and great stress busters. Now I’m craving for some Chicken Tinolaaaaa!!!


With all that’s been said, I think it is about time for us to binge on all these yummy fruits with incredible health benefits. Luckily, Strawberries, Oranges and Papaya can be found right around the corner. Berries, however, like Blueberry, Blackberry, Goji and Acai do not grow in the Philippines. Are you disappointed now?

Well, yes, you have to wait for your next trip abroad to enjoy the taste of these hard to find berries but you can experience their health benefits as soon as now. Fortunately, I got introduced to this health secret that allows you to enjoy the benefits of berries no matter where you are. You can immediately experience the wonders of 8 SUPERBERRIES in One MEGACAPSULE of LUXXE Renew 8 BERRY EXTRACT SUPPLEMENT. Aside from the featured berries, this supplement also contains the extracts of Pomegranate, Noni Fruit, Cranberry and Mangosteen.

I thank FRONTROW enterprise (where I recently became a distributor) for introducing me to this amazing product. Take a capsule or two a day (after meals) to feel the magic and exude radiance that no words can justify. After experiencing the effects of this wonder supplement, I was no longer surprised when I discovered that LUXXE Renew was recently awarded “Best Detoxifying Anti-Aging Product” and “Most Outstanding Organic Anti-Oxidant Product”. Now don’t you want to find out more?… No problem, you can check out and defy aging as early as now!


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Earthquake 101: Things We Shouldn’t Do When The Ground Begins To Shake!

One can’t deny that we, in the Philippines, are alarmed and rattled due to the recent earthquakes that have hit us… pretty strong. In fact, speculations about a tsunami and the most dreaded ‘Big One’ have been going around. What to do, what to do? So it’s common knowledge to run and hide under the nearest table when things start getting shaky. We have also been told to get those first-aid kits ready. But when the earthquake finally hits, we all know that PANIC also hits.

So let me warn each and everyone to keep presence of mind and be sure to NOT commit these HAZARDOUS boo-boos that so often take place when the ground begins to shake:

  1. So we are told to hide under a table in the event of an earthquake. Take note that this applies to concrete and sturdy tables (made of heavy wood, for example) and NOT with glass tables. Anyone can easily commit this mistake. In fact, I’m telling you this from experience because I witnessed my mom hide under a glass dining table when I was much much younger – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (or anywhere for that matter)!
  2. As scary as it may get, DO NOT start out by getting tongue tied and giving your loved one a long kiss goodbye… DO something that will keep both of you alive!!! Yes, a kiss may turn a beast (and even a frog) into a prince, but it certainly won’t stop objects from falling on your head.
  3. Getting to a higher or lower floor is completely out of the question during an earthquake. By all costs, stay away from a flight of stairs (that may anytime collide) and NEVER EVER enter an elevator (that’s just standing there, waiting to trap you).
  4. DO NOT hide underneath a bed. The small gap between the bottom of your bed and the floor can mean easily getting crushed in between.
  5. DO NOT TRY to escape from your window because it will certainly not lead you to a safer place. It can get much much wilder outdoors. And don’t you forget that shattered glass can do really ugly things.
  6. Speaking of shattered glass, forget about hiding your breakables when you start feeling an earthquake. Rather, hide from your breakables.
  7. Before posting a Facebook shout out about the earthquake you just felt, make sure to HIDE FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

I know it’s easier said than done, but I do hope this little list helps you keep safe during times of fear. Now that we are fully aware of what we should (as shown in TV and posters) and shouldn’t do (as stated in this article), let us keep our minds present and pray to God that none of the speculations happen. May God’s blessings and protection pour upon us all!

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Hot Swimwear That Will Suit Your Budget And Style

Now that you must be quite near your summer fitness goals and that all necessary bookings for your summer getaway have been made (I truly hope so), it all comes down to packing swimwear that will surely keep all eyes on you. Admit it, walking around the beach looking less than attractive can ruin the charm in anyone’s vacation. Really… who would enjoy walking around Boracay, Balesin or (even worse) Maldives in an unflattering bikini??? It’s a good thing that those days that involved breaking your bank account to get your hands on suits that will stun are completely over. After all, the vacay itself may already be costly. Thank God that for a fairly affordable P1,500 (and more often less) you can now easily find brand new, high-quality beach wear that will appeal to your taste in online selling sites.

If like me, however, you prefer to feel the actual texture and try on the piece of clothing that WILL dictate your destiny this summer vacation, rejoice as I have found a solution! So they say you van virtually find everything in the Greenhills Shopping area. To everyone, this certainly applies to pearl jewelry, cables as well as brand new and even pre-owned gadgets. Nevertheless, most of us don’t possess the patience of going through aisles and aisles of booths before finding apparel that we actually dig. And I’m quite positive that no one really considers Greenhills as a place to find swimwear to get you through the summer (or any other time of the year). Although it is important for you to know that you now actually CAN for a pocket friendly price at… Pink Belter!

I went through rounds and rounds of stalls filled with imitation designer bags, imitation running shoes, dusters (house dresses), home decors and even local pastries before I came across a stall I can genuinely describe as “swimsuit paradise”. Here I found bikinis in nice prints not far from the Seafollys I’ve been fantasizing about. And in accordance to one-piece suits coming back strong (which a lot of women must be so so thankful for), I was extremely glad to have found a considerable amount of stylish pieces here. These were a few of my top picks from their store…

Caitlyn Maillot Collection P1500

The chic and stylish pieces in the Caitlyn Maillot collection do not only lessen the pressure for one to build abs (ruching on the tummy area creates a slimming effect). More importantly, they grant the freedom to prance around the beach without getting worried about the position of your swimsuit. You can completely erase the possibility of your “headlights” turning on as these pieces come with built-in bust pads that also provide a mini lift. These versatile off-shoulder suits that contour the body with a romantic ruffled overlay can take you through the entire year as a normal top paired with jeans, trousers or a skirt. What a bonus!!!

Bandeau 8-in-1 Bikini (left and right images) P550; Royal Blue Kimono Cover-Up (right image) P450

These 8-in-1 pieces can take you to different beach trips without being spotted wearing the exact same piece on Instagram. You can refer to the primary (topmost) photo of this article to learn how these special suits can be worn in eight ways. And of course, Pink Belter did not neglect our need to cover up after walking away from the shores as they provide a vast collection of plain cover ups that will not clash with your swimsuit design. Upon trying on my swimsuits and cover ups of choice, I can honestly attest that Pink Belter’s signature stretch fabric offers amazing comfort along with fabulous designs.

So even you’re no martial arts black belter, worry not as #PinkBelter got you covered. And because this Rich Girl wants to save you from the trouble of trying to locate their stores you may check out their Facebook page or visit them at:

  • Greenhills Shopping Center: Stall nos. GG03 & VMA18 Tiangge Area
  • Tiendesitas: Slimmetry 2F Fashion Village
  • Cash & Carry Mall, Makati City: 2F The Good Find



Ten Reasons Why Colpdplay Concerts Are Sold Out, Without A Doubt!

Back off haters, COLDPLAY Concert tickets for this Asian Tour are selling like crazy for many good reasons. The nineteen-year-old British Rock group is hitting Asia like a storm just like how their “Head Full of Dreams” concert tickets sold all over Europe and the United States. Now it is rare that they grace this part of the continent with their lively and touching performances. In fact, it is their first time, ever, in the Philippines. For those who claim that all the excitement is caused by pure publicity, let me remind you why COLDPLAY is loved all over the world and why South-East Asians are jumping at the chance to watch them LIVE:

  1. Because they know how to put on a good and LIVELY show! I have had the chance to witness quite a number of musicians but only a few of them can really be called “performers”, like say… Empire of the Sun, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna… and based on videos from past tours it seems that Coldplay will also be one of the few who are actually fun to watch.
  2. What’s a karaoke sesh without busting tunes like “Yellow” or the “Scientist”? Won’t it be awesome to finally get to sing-a-long with the actual band?
  3. Remember that COLDPLAY album that kept you company during a long long road trip… or on a bright, sunny day at the beach?
  4. What about that COLDPLAY track which got you through a pinching heartbreak?
  5. Which girl doesn’t wish that a guy serenades her with these lyrics?

    I think of you
    I haven’t slept
    I think I do,
    But I don’t forget
    Always in my Head

    Your skin,
    oh yeah your skin and bones
    turn into something beautiful,
    do you know,
    for you I’d bleed myself dry,
    for you I’d bleed myself dry…

  6. How many times have we heard Coldplay songs in a remix or sang as covers? It’s because many of their songs are REALLY worth repeating over and over again!
  7. Coldplay songs do not only offer catchy beats but also meaningful and uplifting lyrics.
  8. Unlike other famous acts out there, COLDPLAY conveys compassion rather than swag.
  9. After six albums that flew off the shelves, COLDPLAY still came back strong on their seventh.
  10. More than a show, COLDPLAY delivers a life changing experience to their audience. Imagine catching a brilliant performance under a sky full of stars? And getting surprised by amazing effects like an unforgettable fireworks display??? Need I say more?!!!


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The Wonders Of L-carnitine, Your Saviour For Summer 2017

SUNSHINE is peeking into our windows and Summer is knocking on our doors once again! I remember that during the same time last year I felt hopeless rather than excited about the bright “sunny” season… okay, more like stressed with how I could look even a hint of desirable in a two-piece bikini. With one-piece suits coming back strong in the scene, I admit there’s quite less pressure on us girls this year but let’s not ruin how these lovely swimsuits fall on our frames with a not so lovely part of our bodies called “love handles”.

I was just way toooooo lucky the previous year that I bumped into a friend who offered me extremely helpful weight loss advice (or better said, a remedy) in time for my Boracay getaway last May. Really, I never imagined that I could lose eight pounds in a little bit over two weeks without starving myself (or, yeah, maybe through living off carrots and celery sticks like some people do). All of this got rehashed when I came across the Facebook post of a man named Carlos Antonio Garcellano who (with the help of this same LUXXE Slim Supplement which I took to lose weight) has already lost forty pounds in two months and two weeks.

Carlos Antonio’s Weight Loss progress (40 lbs. lost) in 11 weeks

After stumbling upon his post, I looked in further and realized that FRONTROW International, the company who exclusively supplies this phenomenal (quick but safe) weight loss product, is currently holding a 90-day weight loss battle. The contender with the biggest weight loss percentage will walk away as the ULTIMATE WINNER of this challenge. And, yes, it appears that not only Carlos Antonio is deeply motivated to win this challenge and walk away with the P10,000 prize because Wardell Chua (who already lost 33 pounds) is also running closely behind. Insane, don’t you think???

Wardell’s Weight Loss progress in 10 weeks (33 lbs. lost on 11th week)

That’s exactly what I thought before I learned that there was, first, a 30-day LUXXE Slim Challenge which took place in FRONTROW Davao. The winner of the recent provincial challenge, Fernel Hemoroz, amazingly lost thirty-two pounds in only thirty days!!! To be honest, that’s just one of the most surprising things I’ve come across in my life… someone losing thirty-two pounds in a month. So now that it’s more than obvious that LUXXE Slim really really is effective, what is it exactly that this safe yet magical slimming supplement does?

One of LUXXE Slim’s main components is L-Carnitine which does the following to our bodies…

  • *Converts sored fat into energy
  • *Boosts metabolism
  • *Suppresses appetite
  • *Reduces fatigue
  • *Serves as an antioxidant which prevents damage to our cells
  • *Plays an important role in brain function and memory enhancement
  • * Lessens side effects of aging such as neurological decline, chronic fatigue and bone loss
  • *Replaces missing nutrients for strict vegetarians, dieters, and low-weight or premature infants
  • *Helps with heart and blood vessel conditions such as heart related chest pain, congestive heart failure, leg pain caused by circulation problems, heart attack and high cholesterol
  • *Helps with male infertility by improving sperm count and the quality of sperm
  • *Replenishes carnitine for breast feeding mothers
  • *Replenishes carnitine for those with kidney disorders

And boy, I tell you, I was truly amazed to learn that L-Carnitine has so much more to offer than merely weight loss… I’m soooooo glad that I have unlimited 50% off access to LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract now that I am a member of FRONTROW. You, too, can get your hands on this winning supplement by checking out and erase the possibility of walking around wrapped up like a mummy during this hot hot summer. Without a doubt, if you’re still quite far from your fitness goals then there’s still enough time to boost weight loss with the help of LUXXE Slim. Now let’s all rock those swimsuits, trunks or swimming shorts this summer and enjoy healthy bodies and minds for the rest of our lives! With a few days left to the exciting LUXXE Slim Challenge, I am extremely curious with who the Ultimate Challenger with the biggest weight loss (and hottest summer) will be… SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

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The Organic Market by Unknwn

I was quite surprised to see the words “Organic Market” spelled out on a wooden signboard as I walked around Burgos Circle at the Fort last Saturday. I had just ended with a meeting in Starbucks and was looking around for another place to meet and have a few drinks with friends.  The windy atmosphere and deep blue sky made it ideal for an al fresco experience so I decided to walk into the tent area and pry at what the Organic Market had to offer.

Apart from strictly displaying organic products, its festive vibe set this “Organic Market” apart from the usual “Mercato”, “Bancheto” or “Salcedo Market”. House music that clearly came from a DJ’s booth filled the air and made me want to move and groove. Without thinking twice, I decided this would be the perfect spot for my friends and I that evening. While waiting for the gang to head over and as I found my way to the stage from where the music was echoing, I was happy to come across “guiltless” pleasures like grilled chicken skewers and Sushi Rolls made of high-fiber black rice. This instantly reminded me that summer is fast approaching and that healthy eats should start being the top pick…

My “Organic Market” dinner – Chicken Skewers and Wasabi Warriors Black Rice Rolls

… And also that my tummy was beginning to growl! Setting what anyone else would think aside, I located an open booth at the dining area and had a Wasabi Warriors Spicy Tuna Roll and a couple of skewers all to myself. I really don’t mind eating alone as they say this is one way to truly appreciate the flavor of food. In no time, however, I found myself chatting away with a seat mate and making some new friends… until finally my group of friends arrived and crashed our table.

UNKNWN’s “The Organic Market” stage with DJ’s booth set up

Once we were done with our healthy and organic dinner, we moved along to the stage where the music was coming from. I was immediately star struck upon seeing three empowered ladies that anyone would want to beDJ Kat Razon, Bubbles Bermudez and Ornussa Cadness– all on one stage. It was exactly at that point when all the fun started as right across the platform was the booth that served alcoholic beverages… then the rest was history…

20:20 bar booth

Oh, but let’s not forget about dessert (good thing we realized that they weren’t edible) …

Dessert shaped Organic Soap by Bath Gems

Now as another weekend approaches, I find myself thinking of how I can once again have a blast while being healthy. Sadly, the UNKWN Organic Market was only for one night (hoping for a repeat soon) but I realized that I can have some Wasabi Warriors delivered at home and invite a few friends before heading over 20:20 bar at La Fuerza Plaza, Makati? That cocktail drink of theirs I had last weekend sure got me hooked! Wahaha… SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!!!

Watch out for more UNKNWN events like The Organic Market last February 25 through their Facebook page: UNKNWN.